Is a dumb mistake costing you a ton of money?

We often talk about the importance of knowing your market.  Knowing your audience.  Understanding what motivates them.  Why they might buy from you.  Why they might not. One example of the latter is the case of an American appliance company that had learned that Japanese kitchens didn’t have dishwashers. The idea seemed almost too obvious: “let’s sell our dishwashers in Japan!” Did it work? Well, even today Japanese households rarely have dishwashers.

What the marketing team at this appliance company failed to realise was that Japanese kitchens are really small. Much smaller than those American ones.  And Japanese kitchens can’t fit a big American dishwasher. This mistake wasn’t cheap.

You need to know your audience.

Is this message redundant yet? It should be. Companies today still make the same mistakes. They assume the obvious market. However, choosing your market requires research. Knowing your audience will improve sales. Plus, it’ll save you tons of money from needing to correct a mistake. In the world of internet marketing, a mediocre marketing strategy is not enough.

What do you need to know?

  • Who is your product or service for? (Precisely.  Not “everyone.”  Not “Anyone who has the money.”)
  • What are you really selling?  (Confidence?  Peace of mind?  Security?  Freedom?  It’s usually not the physical thing.)
  • Are your customers buying your product to avoid something bad?  (Fear, social stigma, poverty, …)
  • Why should they buy that product or service from you?

These golden questions define a marketing strategy. Knowing the answers turns a floundering campaign into a great one. This is because you’re identifying your target group. You’re talking to a person about something they’re interested in – their own lives.  And now they know you’re helping them avoid something that hurts. They know you are helping them achieve their dream.  If you’re selling a men’s sports deodorant, do you fill the advertisement with middle aged women chatting around a patio sipping wine? Probably not.

Without these questions, you can throw your money into your dishwasher and ship it off to a Japanese landfill.

Why does this matter?

In marketing, knowing who is only half the battle. You need to know what and why. Why should they choose you? Why are they visiting your website? What do you help them gain, help them avoid?  You might succeed without this, but it’s a shot in the dark. If you understand these questions, your marketing campaign gains focus.  You aim at what works. Then, you can continue to cater to that in future campaigns.

And in the meantime, it makes all your content creation easier.  Ever faced that writer’s block for a new piece of content?  That’s often because you’re not thinking of your audience.

Don’t think that because we’re in a world of digital marketing that you can be blasé. The internet is full of free marketing tools like social media and YouTube. That doesn’t mean you can afford to get lazy. Losing your audience from the get-go will make it hard to gain momentum. Keep an active, professional, and engaging social media presence and your conversions will certainly go up… but not if you have a target ad for the wrong demographic. Or a follow-up campaign that doesn’t speak the right language.

Be smart, save money, and make your job easier.

If you need a hand narrowing down your target audience, talk to us.