If at first you don't succeed ... stop?

(Said no successful entrepreneur, ever.)

Trial and error in online marketing is normal.  For all we wish it wasn't so, online marketing is trial and error - with many trials, and a lot of errors.

We often talk about trying a new strategy

“I’ll try Facebook advertising”. Have you heard of people who put up one ad with a set of times, found the conversion wasn’t as they hoped, and gave up on the platform entirely?
With a statement like “maybe it works for other people but clearly - my market isn’t here.

Perhaps they're right. Perhaps their market isn't there.

More likely, there was something else happening.

Your advert depends on

  • Your images
  • The headline
  • Other copy
  • The landing page (a whole other topic)

And even more than those

  • Your product
  • The offer you're making
  • How you targeted the ad
  • When you ran the ad, and how long for

Maybe their market just isn’t on Facebook.
But we know small changes matter more than you'd think. Adding a picture of a person - not a stock-model photo, but a real person - doubles conversions. Rewriting copy from 'describing product features' to 'what problem is being solved?' also doubles conversion. As a result, one test tells us almost nothing.

As a result, we run lots of little ads, varying things about the ad, and tune the ad based on the numbers. (A/B testing. It’s imperfect, but better than a random decision.)

It's not just Facebook

The same applies on a wider scale.

If you emailed a segment of your list with a special offer and the conversion was lower than hoped, there’s a lot of things it could be. Don’t try it once and give up.

Try, see what works, and refine it. Some of the biggest names in the industry who’ve been doing this for years are still describing their marketing as a work in progress. Still trying things out, and making mistakes.
As we all should.

Tip – keep this in mind when designing your promotion. Capture the details that help you work out where things aren’t working. (Did they click the advert? Fill in the landing page? Respond to the follow-up?...)
Draw out your funnel, and work out how to measure each decision point.

Don't guess blindly.  Never do that.

Need help getting this set up? Contact me and I'll be happy to help.