Update Oct 2017.  If you have a newer Infusionsoft application, you may not see all these options.  You’ll probably be setting up branding directly in the email builder, and saving as a Template from there.  That doesn’t make this less important – you just do it a different way…


It’s easily done – you need to send an email so you whip something up and send it out.  A few weeks later, you build something you like in a campaign.  And then another email later on.  And you look, and they use different logos, or perhaps a different size font or background colour.

Do they still work?  Absolutely.  Could it look better?  Definitely!

Or alternatively, imagine you take a few minutes each time – making the same decisions, every time. No problem, is it?

Send just one email a week and waste just 3 minutes choosing font and colour each time, and you’ve just cost yourself over 2 hours continually making the exact same decisions again and again…

Anything better you can do with 2 hours than choosing the same background colour again and again and again?


How do I use this function?

The easiest way to avoid this is to spend a few minutes to set up your branding.  When you’re designing an email or a webform, press the Layout and Style button – this brings up a panel you can define your styles.  Like this:

Pressing the Edit button allows you to define the defaults for some key parts of your branding:

Some parts of the style apply only to email, and some only to webforms, so this list will look slightly different depending on where you view it from.

Each of these numbers is computer speak for a colour – if you know the colour (from your graphic designer), key it in.  If not, you can use the colour picker that pops up when you click in the cell.

Set each of these to your branding, and save it as a Style with an easily recogised name (so you use the right one next time).


Once the style is designed, at the start of making any new email, select the style from your listing at the start of your new email.


Note that if you set a colour in the style, and then override it in the email designer itself, that override will win.  For example, in this screenshot, my background is grey.  If I then change that to blue it will show as blue, even though the style defaulted to grey.


If you want any help getting this set up, please contact me and I’ll be happy to help.