Wasting time keying your sales data into your accounts? Integrate your sales and accounting systems instead.

Is this for me?

If you use Infusionsoft and an accounting package such as Xero, and …

… You’re spending too much time on any of these tasks:

  • Keeping your client list and contact people up to date in your accounts package for invoicing
  • Transferring sales and payment information from your accounts system to Infusionsoft
  • Transferring sales and payment information from Infusionsoft to your accounts system

Or, you’re paying to have your accountant deal with the manual data entry.

This is best for people with transaction volume. If you’re keying 20 entries a month, this probably isn’t for you, even if they are high-value transactions.

What’s involved?

We’ll talk with you about what you need to transfer, and where it needs to go. We’ll use a standard tool to connect your systems. And we’ll help you verify the transfer.

What must I do?

We’ll make it as simple as possible for you. But this project is critical for your business.

You’ll need to be involved.

  • We need details from you on where your information comes from, and how you record it in your accounts system. (No two companies do this quite the same.)
  • You’ll also want to verify the outcome gives you what you need.
  • As with any project, this changes your business processes; you’ll need to manage your team through that.

You can delegate some of these parts to your team, even your accountant.

What do you do for me?

We’ll deal with the technical side. Making the systems talk. Putting the information where you’ve told us.

What does it cost?

There’s a project fee for the implementation, and an ongoing licence fee for the connector tool.

The project fee depends on what you need, and the licence fee depends on which connector tool is required. (This depends on which accounting package you have, and what data you need to transfer).

Any other ways to do this?

No. Your system needs to be able to talk to other systems online. Some can, some can’t. Some of the more common ones for this process are Xero and Quickbooks Online.

No. We spent years doing that, and learned it’s often better value to use standardised software.

Custom-built software means you get exactly what you think you need. (We found people usually worked that out after using the software they’d had built. Not quite the right time!)

It requires a large investment from you – in time, in money, in energy.

And quite often, you’re building something substantially the same as the next person needed. (There’s a cliché about reinventing wheels…)

Using a standardised connector means a trade-off – it’s a bit less flexible, but it’s a lot faster and cheaper.

We use Zapier or Workato as connectors.

We’re working within the constraints of three software systems: Infusionsoft, your accounts package, and the connector. Sometimes that means a compromise between the way we want to run things, and what’s technically possible.

You have three choices:

  1. Key the data manually – either yourself or someone on staff. That has the usual downsides: cost, risk of keying errors, time.
  2. Hire developers to write completely custom integrations. This is the slowest option, requiring a lot of your time. It’s also the most expensive. But it gives you maximum control over the result. (If you’re not used to building software, this isn’t always a good thing!) You’re still constrained by the functions of Infusionsoft and your accounting package, though.
  3. These integrations – they offer faster and cheaper implementation in return for some compromise on outcome. Think 80/20 rule.