I recently talked about the value of segmenting your contact list – marking people by their interests, their purchases, and a hundred and one other markers that tell you who the person is.

We explored that the reason we do this is so we can talk to our customers (and prospects) about things that interest them – that motivate them.  And those are the conversations that result in conversions to sales.

We ended by saying that we do this in Infusionsoft via Tags.

So, how do we plan our tags?

The main question is: “What do you want to know about each person?”

Let’s start with “We want to talk to people about things that interest them (they don’t buy things that don’t interest them), and help them with things they need”.

Imagine we are working with a naturopath, who has an online store.

As well as doing one-on-one treatment, they also sell diet supplements, essential oils, books and other related products.  They also occasionally talk about health-related topics at seminars and workshops.

They might want to know…

What medical conditions does the prospect\customer have?  Obviously, they want to know as part of a treatment plan.

But it’s also useful for offering helpful additional products – someone who suffers from migraines might be interested in a pain-relief essential oil.

What have we already sold them?

As well as being able to offer related products, it’s also useful with consumable products.  If we keep track of what someone has bought, and when, we can help them with that knowledge.  In 6 months, they might be ready for some more of the product.  People run out of essential oils – we can send them a special offer after a while to encourage them to come back for more.

What have they shown an interest in?

The prospect might not have been able to come to a particular workshop session because the date clashed.  But if we know they’re interested in the topic, we can tell them about the next one – that date might be better for them.

In every one of these cases, the customer is being offered something that we think they want, something that helps them.  These questions are how our naturopath finds their list of tags – or at least, the core of it.

The best part is that all of these added offers for a prospect can happen automatically, without any involvement from the naturopath.

These tags will vary from business to business, of course.  So will the additional offers.  But the principle carries over…

To get started on this, write out a list of all the things you’ll want to know in each area – at the level of detail that matters to you.  In addition to the things above, consider What free things have they taken?  What events have they turned up to?  If you met them at an offline event, what was it?  If they went to the sign-up page for something, but never signed up, that’s useful knowledge.  If they had something in their shopping cart, but didn’t buy – that’s useful, too.

Can see the benefit, but need a little help planning it out?  We can help with a free 20-minute coaching session.