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Without measurement, you're shooting blindly

Fire. Forget. Hope…?

Guesswork never beats measurement. As boring as it might be, measurement is essential in marketing. Let's see why.

The Value of Blogging in Lead Generation

In blogging, you can communicate directly with potential buyers and respond better to their queries and comments. Because this is a powerful way to get website traffic, it is an important technique employed by many online business.

The Value of Knowing Your Audience

"Know your market." Such a cliché? It helps you in more ways that you might realise.

Customers care about what your product does for them

Many firms make the mistake of thinking that their customers care about their products. Are you one of them? Learn more about why this assumption is a mistake...

Infusionsoft users – a small but important security update you should know about.

A change to limit spam bots might be impacting you. Make sure you know about it.

Common Marketing Mistakes

There are many things you can get wrong in your business, in your marketing. Don't make these mistakes.

Feel overwhelmed?

Overwhelm. That feeling that there's so much, and no matter what you do, you'll never do it all. Overwhelmed. Stop trying to do everything. Just do the important things.

What’s your selling style? Does it work?

Some lessons on how not to sell, from an expert. A car salesman we experienced recently.

If at first you don’t succeed … stop?

Trial and error in online marketing is normal. Getting your mindset right and designing your approach knowing this will make it less stressful.

Simple branding

Some basic Infusionsoft branding can save you a lot of time.

Opt-ins. Single, or double? (Aka “Should I pester people to confirm their email?”)

Another take on the age-old debate ... should you force your subscribers to confirm their email address?

I’m not using 100% of my system!

How much of your system "should" you be using? It's not "100%"!

Development: Just build it, ok?

You've planned it out. Let's build it - all of it.


Someone recently asked where some good Infusionsoft resources are. The short answer - there are many. In addition to this blog, here are a few more to get you started...

Testing: Can I run my business with this?

When working with people, one area I emphasise is testing new campaigns and processes.

Sometimes people understand it, sometimes they see it as a waste of time. Let's explore why it matters, for you.

Development process

With years in software consulting, I've worked with all kinds of people - of all tech levels. One thing that's been consistent is that almost no-one knows how to get from "I wish I had software" to "See how good this is now!" Not surprisingly, as most people don't build systems or learn how to build systems.

Despite all that, it's not some esoteric art - there's not some arcane formula that only the prized few know...

Planning your tags

I recently talked about the value of segmenting your contact list – marking people by their interests, their purchases, and a hundred and one other markers that tell you who the person is.

We explored that the reason we do this is so we can talk to our customers (and prospects) about things that interest them – that motivate them. And those are the conversations that result in conversions to sales...

Design: Planning your process

Over the years, I've found the first step of building software is to step away from the computer, and pick up a pencil. And plan it out.

Yes, I can save time by skipping this step. In theory. Just like I can save time by taking a shortcut. Except, that usually turns out to be that shortcut. You know, the one that takes you from Melbourne to Sydney via London...

Your list, in pieces.

I was talking with someone who had a good list - decent sized, with a range of customers, ex-customers and to-be-customers.

Ideally, the person is talking to nearly-customers and helping educate and encourage them towards a purchase. Or impressing current customers with a range of additional things to turn them into fans. And staying in touch with cooler, longer-term prospects, gradually fostering their interest.

But if you just have a list - be it a few hundred or thousands deep - how do you do that?


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