Talking with a client lately, they said  “I’m not using 100% of Infusionsoft in my business; I need to change this.  How?
I look at it the other way: Are there any manual parts of your business that could benefit from automation? 
Don’t just think about marketing, look at your existing client management. Include ongoing nurturing and any testimonial or referral processes.  Check your internal processes for everything from new staff induction to chasing debts.  Look at how you fulfill the service or deliver the product.
Are you doing the same manual task repeatedly?  Writing the same email, answering the same questions?  That’s a target for at least a template, or possibly full automation.
If all of your business is efficiently automated, does it really matter whether you are using “all” of Infusionsoft?
Or, if your business isn’t well automated, then perhaps it’s time to change that?