“Marketing by wild guesses”

A common strategy in marketing for small business.  A bad one.  Guesswork never beats measurement.

Fire. Forget. Hope.
Fire: Make up something that might be a great promotion or process. And might not be.
Forget: Build it once, and ignore it.
Hope: That somehow will work for them.

For those of us who can’t see the future perfectly, there’s always an element of trial and error in marketing. We’ve talked about that before.

How do we handle that?

Build your campaigns – be they advertising campaigns or automation campaigns – in a way that lets you see what’s happening. Build measurement into the campaign.
“Why does it matter?”  “It sounds boring?”  Questions I hear too often.

So let’s take a scenario:

  1. Client has a product.
  2. They create a Facebook advert.
  3. It feeds a campaign.
  4. That offers a shop page.
  5. Sales go up slightly.
  6. They ask if advertising was a good move. Or decide that it wasn’t.

Sound familiar? What’s wrong here?

Nothing was measured. We’re guessing. Blindly. Wildly. Not the best way to drive a business…

At best, they know two things:

  • Their sales before and after the advert.
  • The cost of advertising (time, staff, advertising itself).

What’s missing?  Measurement.

  • Were the sales related to the advert at all?
    Or were they random/seasonal variations?
  • How effective was the advert?
    Did anyone see it? Did anyone act in response?
  • Was the campaign any good?
    Who responded to the campaign?
  • How effective was the shop at taking purchases?
    How many people were just abandoned carts? Or not even that – bounced off the sales page without starting an order?

And so on…

With only those two bits of information, we can’t answer anything about any one part of the process.
Would we have doubled our sales by using a different advert? How many sales were lost by people getting distracted from completing their order?

Your guess is as good as mine. I hope it’s accurate.

This is why measuring and reporting matters.