This is part of a multi-part series on the system creation process.  You can find the earlier part Design, and the last part Testing.


So, if you’ve followed the process so far, you understand your business, your target market, and how you want the overall lifecycle of a customer to run.  In other words, you know the ideal experience you want all of your customers to have.

As we covered in Design: Planning your Process, you’ve mapped this out.  In your design, you’ve marked out every stage in the process you’re building.  You know what happens, what triggers each stage.  You know what communications happen – to the customer, to your staff and possibly to other systems.  You’ve decided what you need to know to manage events, and what you want to record as a reference for the future.

If you’ve done that well, you can see how the system almost builds itself, can’t you?

Now you move that plan into your campaign builder.  That’s the easy part.  Link any triggers in as goals, put any actions in the sequences between them, use tags or contact/opportunity fields for storing any data you need to retain.  Add notes where they can be standardised.  Leave people reminders in their calendars.  Set up saved searches for use in reporting or on dashboards.

And then, when you’ve done the easy part, think about the rest of the system.  A system is a collection of computers, people and processes.  Ask yourself questions like “If I hired a new staff member to do this job tomorrow, what would they need?

Usually, you’ll need to write a standard operating procedure.  Yes, you can skip this.

But if you do, you’re deciding that the answer to any questions about the process should be found inside your head.  Assuming you can memorise everything and don’t mind your staff asking you all the time, that’s a perfectly reasonable approach.

The rest of us write some form of cheat-sheet or process doc and save it in a shared location that everyone in the team can access.


If you need help with this process, drop me a note and we’ll see what we can do together.