I was recently asked about good resources for Infusionsoft.  It lead to a blog post about Infusionsoft, but I’m expanding the idea outside of simply Infusionsoft resources.  I’ll try to keep this updated over time.  If you have any suggestions of anything you think belongs here, please drop me an email.

For most things, I find the problem isn’t so much finding a good resource, it’s finding only one good resource.  Often, there are 10 ways to do something, and much of the time it doesn’t matter which one you use.



  • A shout out to our own Blog & Newsletter (sign-up on that same page).
  • The Infusionsoft Help Centre.  You can access this from within the app.  It includes explanations on how (and why) to do many things, often with videos.
  • Infusionsoft’s own website (there’s a resources menu that’s quite helpful).
  • Infusionsoft partners often have tips on their websites or blogs.
  • YouTube has videos on many topics, and Infusionsoft is no exception.  (Try to pick recent videos. as the product does change over time.)
  • Social Media – there are a number of Facebook groups (this one, for example) where users share tips and tricks.
  • Podcasts – lots of these, too.
    • Small Business Success podcast is one I like (it’s made by Infusionsoft).  Here’s a good episode if you’re grappling with what/how/why of lead magnets:
  • There are many Infusionsoft User Groups around – many cities have one.  These are generally run by users (not Infusionsoft staff) to help each other.  My local one is here – if you’re nearby, come visit sometime.


There are many other useful resources for your online marketing & running your business.  Here are a few that I’ve used recently; they’re ones I’ve used once or twice (or many times). I’ll change this list from time to time as I try others.

As a standard disclaimer: I have no control of the content, and no stake in their websites.  There may be better versions for each, so use your normal discretion – as you would with any reference.

Image resizing:

High detailed, high resolution images are great if you’re printing or displaying a large picture – a poster, for example.  Often, though, we only want a 400 pixel image.  A lower-resolution image can be a smaller file – and therefore quicker to load on screen.  I’ve used Pic Resize to make a smaller copy of a high resolution image.

Links in an image:

If you want an image (a header banner, for example), where clicking different parts will open different pages, you need an image map.  If you know HTML, you can write this directly.  If not, pages like this one will help: http://www.isdntek.com/tagbot/imap.htm


General help

Need that document prettying up?  Or an Infusionsoft form linked into your website?  Shopping cart needs a theme?  All these and much more can be sourced cheaply on places like Fiverr, Freelancer.com and others.  The downside – you need to know what you want, be prepared to manage a project and often deal with timezone/language issues.  The flipside? You don’t need to waste time learning skills for a one-off problem.




The challenge isn’t usually so much one of finding resources; there are many available.  I find the harder part is stepping away from researching just-one-more-great-idea…!



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