ICON 2017!

Still planning your Infusionsoft ICON 2017 trip?

Coming so far to Phoenix, you want to make it worthwhile.  Grab the guides below to help you get more from your trip.

Attendees from everywhere – I’ve come from Australia.  How about you?


Here and walking around the floor?

Say hi!  Grab me on the floor, or reach out from here and I’ll make a time.


Need a hand after ICON?

Someone to help once the real world comes rushing back in.  Let’s talk.


Want to stay in touch?

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Want to get the best value from being here?

Attending ICON and want to get the most from it?

Try this guide from Infusionsoft: ConferencePlaybook

You don’t have to use the system to get value from this (but you’ll get even more if you do).


Uncomfortable with Networking?

The shy or introverted amongst us could benefit from this.


Want a hand with something else?

Happy to help – let me know what you need.

I help people who need guidance on their marketing strategy, need someone to help day-to-day or have specific one-off projects in mind – often to connect systems.


Or were you looking for the Official ICON 2017 page?

Find it here.

Don’t forget to say ‘hi’ before you go…

And don’t forget to say hi if you see me on the floor!

  • “I would highly recommend Julian if you are thinking of automating your business. Julian knows the ins and out of Infusionsoft and will help you get the back-end sorted so you can focus on getting your campaigns out in no time! Julian’s approach is quiet systemised and organised. He listens and is really helpful. His manner is calm and gentle which helps reduce the uncertainty associated with learning a new skill.”

    Marwa Rida
    Director (Event Designer/ Planner) End2End Events
  • “Adding a top-shelf service offering gave my clients a special level of service. However I was daunted by the sheer volume of extra manual work involved. Julian automated most of it, and set up an easy reminder system for the rest. My income increased by $60K, my accountant loves it, and my top clients are happier with me.”

    Coach & Mentor
  • “When I get confused with Infusionsoft, I call Julian.”

    Financial Services, Sydney AUS