Common Marketing Mistakes

With any experts, if you ask a bunch of Marketers what the most common marketing mistakes are, you’ll get a lot of answers. But there’ll be a few that keep coming up.Here are some of the ones I’ve noticed. I’ve broken them into 3 areas – Audience, Strategy and Systems.Remember your audience Talking to our…


Feel overwhelmed?

Overwhelm.  That feeling that there’s so much, and no matter what you do, you’ll never do it all.  Overwhelmed.A feeling that looks like ​One of the most common things I hear with business owners is that feeling of being overwhelmed.  Especially with their marketing. Definitely with their marketing.Is that you?It’s so easy to understand that…


What’s your selling style? Does it work?

We’ve had an interesting purchasing experience recently.  Due to unforeseen circumstances, we’re car shopping.  Neither of us are car people – the car is independence and mobility – and nothing more than that.  So, we’re not very excited by the prospect.  But it reminded us about selling styles, especially bad ones.


Simple branding

It’s easily done – you need to send an email so you whip something up and send it out.  A few weeks later, you build something you like in a campaign.  And then another email later on.  And you look, and they use different logos, or perhaps a different size font or background colour. Do…


I’m not using 100% of my system!

Talking with a client lately, they said  “I’m not using 100% of Infusionsoft in my business; I need to change this.  How?” I look at it the other way: Are there any manual parts of your business that could benefit from automation?  Don’t just think about marketing, look at your existing client management. Include ongoing…


Testing: Can I run my business with this?

When working with people, one area I emphasise is testing new campaigns and processes.

Sometimes people understand it, sometimes they see it as a waste of time. Since I’ve had a few discussions about why to do it … and how to do it, it seems a good choice for some background discussion.

In short, testing is insurance that you pay for with your time, rather than your money. It takes time to test – but it can take much more time to clean-up after not testing. You’re automating your business, largely to ensure that every customer receives your “best customer experience”. Testing helps ensure this happens.

Let me explain …